HD Photo Editing and Nine Hours – Novel – by Lukhanyo Sikwebu

NINE HOURS – by Lukhanyo Sikwebu

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We’d better find them, quickly.


With only hours to execute, an expert female sniper leads a highly skilled squad of operatives into the deadly Mozambican Doente Forests, to rescue abducted schoolgirls from terrorist rebels.


Dramatic Question:

Will Naomi’s squad get to the girls and rescue them in time?



NAOMI NEL, a trained South African assassin and college lecturer, is recruited for a dangerous mission in Mozambique. Machado rebels have kidnapped forty school girls from their hockey team school bus. One of the kids is the Finance Ministers’ daughter.

Naomi, along with eleven other highly skilled operatives, is tasked to rescue the girls and eliminate the terrorist network responsible, by any means necessary.

A willing Naomi agrees, though she has her own personal battles to contend with.

The mission couples her with a tenacious North Korean sniper, MIKA WANG. It becomes apparent that they have much in common. With limited time, nine hours to be exact, and a formidable opponent, they must claw through the deadly Mozambican Doente Forest to rescue the kidnapped girls, or they’ll be sold into a life of excruciating slavery, forever.

Their failure will also result in the toppling of the Mozambican government, by Machado insurgents.

Things become increasingly tough as Naomi’s squad discovers startling revelations about the mission they’re on. The line between friends and foe grows hazy, as they gradually run out of time.


Nine Hours is a gripping tale of courage, family and justice.


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